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Born and raised in Namibia, my Father always taught us the value of nature and her amazing creatures. This is dedicated to my Paps who passed unexpectedly earlier this year. He taught me so much! Dankie my liewe Paps!

During a visit to the late Jim Folwer's farm in Albany GA, organized by the Explorer's Club (Atlanta Chapter), Jim said something that I will never forget. He inspired me to tell the story why the environment and nature is so important to us. We explore earth to explain the importance to us as humans, how it benefits mankind, not to exploit and take like we have been doing for millennia.

Appreciate what is around you, it might be gone before you realize it!

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I shoot with SONY ALPHA!

All Rights Reserved (video contents) (c) Edi Arangies - iRide4Wildlife

This is for educational purposes only, not for commercial use!


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