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Portraiture & Video

I do most of my sessions Mon through Thu because I work Fri - Sun. That said, if there is a show you would like me to photograph you and your horse or team, I would need to know well in advance in order to attend.

I do a variety of Family oriented photography which includes but are not limited to Pets, Family, Seniors, Prom and Maternity. Price range from $125 - $250 per session. This includes the best edited images from the shoot, a min of 10 photos.

Horses and their Owners

As a fellow horses own and a competitor of over 25 years, I understand how big a part of our hearts our horses occupy. They are family, they are our truest of friends, partners and companions.

I love to capture the relationships between horses and their owners, whether they are our companions or our partner in sports!

Family, Prom, Senior, Maternity, Pets

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