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Growing up in Namibia I had the opportunity to see a huge variety of species native to our area.  I have never seen snakes as evil and always had a huge admiration and respect for them.  I always joke with folk here about their "huge" variety of venomous snakes because there are no Cobras and Mambas here. However, I have whole heartedly fallen in love with the North American Pit Vipers!

Forever Snakes is my way to raise awareness about snakes, not just to protect them but also for you to understand why they are so important to a healthy eco system.  The more I learn about them the more fascinated I become. They might not be cute and cuddly like cubs, but they too deserve to be here, they after all serve a purpose :)

Page is currently under construction as we add more info to what Forever Snakes is about, non profits we support, education etc.  Thank you for your interest and patience :)

I only shoot with SONY ALPHA!

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