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Ashton Biological Preserve
Virtual Tortoise Species Sponsorship

What is a Virtual Adopt a Species

Our adoptions/sponsorships are a virtual way for you to support the Ashton Biological Preserve's Ambassador animals. This means everyone has the option to adopt/sponsor the same group of animals. They are animals that we care for and monitor as part of an ongoing conservation project, as well as, educational outreach programs. None of these animals are for sale, nor will they be shipped anywhere outside of the Reserve, this is their forever home.

Virtual Adopt a Species Options

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One Time Donation

​Maximize your donation's impact with a One Time or Monthly Recurring Donation. This does not include an adoption kit; your gift recipient will receive only an acknowledgement letter.  This will allow for your donation to make a much bigger impact. 

Minimum amount $10

The GOPHER GAMES Documentary Film

This is another way you can help the GOPHER TORTOISE

Learn more about GOPHER GAMES, the truth about the challenges Gopher Tortoises face here in the South Eastern US

Monthly Recurring Donation

Thank you for your support!

Meet the Tortoises

Radiated Tortoise

The Critically Endangered radiated tortoise is a large and striking species that may live up to 100 years of age! This species has a very long generation length (more than 40 years), making it particularly susceptible to rapid population declines.

This instantly recognisable tortoise was once thought to be one of the planet’s most abundant tortoises. However, dramatic increases in the degradation and loss of its threatened dry spiny forest habitat, in combination with an explosion in demand on the species for food and the international pet trade, have led to incredible population declines.

Extreme human poverty in the region has slowly eroded traditional cultural beliefs around the tortoises. Local tribes that did not harm the tortoises have now turned to them for survival.

Populations of the radiated tortoise are thought to be declining by more than 80% across their distribution, which has shrunken by close to 50% in recent times. This species is protected nationally under Malagasy law and it occurs within four protected areas. It is listed on CITES Appendix I and there is a captive breeding centre in Madagascar.


Florida Box Turtle

The Florida box turtle is usually found in marshes, swamps or forests in areas of high humidity. Though it loves to lie in the water it rarely swims.


Leopard Tortoise

The Leopard tortoise is a big beautiful tortoise and is the fourth largest out of the tortoise family. Their shell pattern is attractive and also provides perfect camouflage in its home range.  They inhabit the savannas of Southern and Eastern Africa, from Ethiopia to Sudan and from Natal to southern Angola, as well as South Africa and part of southwestern Africa. Leopard tortoises are seen throughout their geographic range as agricultural pests, and because of this, retaliatory killings do happen. They are also a staple food item for many local peoples, so where human populations are high, leopard tortoises are considered vulnerable.


Yellow Footed Tortoise

The major populations located in South America are protected under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, Appendix II.

In its range, the biggest threat to the survival of yellow-footed tortoises is over-hunting by man. Yellow-foots are collected in large numbers and shipped to many different South American cities to be sold as a delicacy. Another threat facing yellow-foot populations is the ever-present habitat loss and disturbance.


Red Footed Tortoise

Red-Footed Tortoises have a broad range to the east of the Andes from eastern Columbia across the Guianas, south through eastern Brazil as far as Rio de Janeiro, and westwards to Paraguay, Bolivia and northern Argentina, and including Panama and western Columbia and the island of Trinidad.

The biggest threat to Red-footed tortoises being overhunted by humans. In much of their range, thousands are eaten by people, and in many South American cities they are considered a delicacy.


Select Your Tortoise Group and Sponsorship Kit

Virtual Adopt a Species option

$15, $20, 25 Tortoise Adoptions


Sticker set (one small and one large)


School & Girl/Boy Scout Sponsorship Kit


4 sets of Stickers

Tortoise Color Pages (Sent virtually by email)

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