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What is a Tortoise Adoption/Sponsorship


Our adoptions/sponsorships are a figurative way for you to support the Ashton Biological Preserve. This means everyone has the option to adopt/sponsor the same animal or group of animals. They are animals that we care for and monitor as part of an ongoing conservation project, as well as, educational outreach programs. None of these animals are for sale, nor will they be shipped anywhere outside of the Reserve.

Adoption/Sponsorship Animals

(here a description of each individual tortoise/skink/snake)











The Tortoise (or Blue, the Gopher Tortoise)

[Example of Description] The largest living tortoise, Galapagos tortoises are endemic to the Galapagos Islands, off the coast of Ecuador in South America. These reptiles are herbivores, and feed on grasses, leaves, vines and fruit. With an estimated average life-span of 150 to 200 years, only about 15,000 remain due to hunting for food during the 18th and 19th centuries. Hunting of the tortoise is now prohibited, but its eggs are threatened by introduced species such as rats and cats.

Virtual Adoption

Maximize your donation's impact with a virtual adoption. This does not include an adoption kit; your gift recipient will receive only an acknowledgement letter.  This will allow for your donation to make a much bigger impact. 

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Adoption Kits

$25 Tortoise Adoptions

PHOTO ADOPTION CERTIFICATE SPECIES CARD (description of each individual tortoise/skink/snake)

Sticker set (one small and one large)

Maybe add something small or wGIFT BAG

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$35 Tortoise Adoption Kit

PHOTO ADOPTION CERTIFICATE SPECIES CARD (description of each individual tortoise/skink/snake)



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$55 Tortoise Adoption Kit


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wPLUSH 12" (I found some nice tort plusies, still looking for other animals)



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How much is it to feed and care for a tortoise/skink/snake

Equipment maintenance

Educational expences

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