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Through passion for endangered wildlife, iRide4Wildlife was founded in 2016. 

There are many aspects to iRide4Wildlife. Raising awareness and education goes beyond just motorcycles and cycling. It's about telling the story of the voiceless, to see a world from their perspective, to show the personalities , to create understanding, empathy and compassion!


How am I hoping to do this? 

Through Photography and Visual Storytelling +

We only have one Earth and we have been using and abusing it for millions of years. don't take anything for granted!  Don't leave anything other than a footprint behind, if even that! As the late Jim Fowler once said, we need to change the way we used to explore, not to exploit anymore but to explain why Earth is so important to us as mankind! I will never forget that, it has changed the way I want to "explain"!

iRide4Wildlife has partnered up with the Ashton Biological Preserve and will be working closely together to raise awareness for the plight of endangered Reptiles, educating about sustainability and why it is so important to save our wild.

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Gopher Games documents the history of issues protecting Florida Gopher Tortoises and the more than 360 animals that survive using their burrows. This short documentary is intended to raise public awareness of the permanent destruction of their habitats and failure of past and current governmental protections.

Since 2007, there have supposedly been proactive laws in place to protect these animals, but their population numbers are declining. Due to rampant development, lack of oversight and regulation by the state, lack of public transparency, as well as corporate and agricultural exemptions, Gopher Tortoises and their habitats have dwindled drastically and could eventually disappear. After a recent 2021 amendment, the already ineffective protection laws have become nearly useless.

With the Gopher Tortoises and their burrows acting as Florida's beating heart, it's essential that important changes occur. Without quick action from state legislators and the decision to prioritize environmental protection over corporate profits, this species and many others may be facing permanent destruction.


Tortoises, in my opinion, are absolutely incredible. 

Believe it or not, they have some of the most quirky and funny personalities.  


Wild Tortoises too are in rapid decline through a variety of factors: 

habitat loss, illegal wildlife/pet trade and bush meat.

Come join us on a journey learning more about the different species we encounter and work with, their personalities and what threatens then most in what should be their natural habitat. 


We have been working with the Ashton Biological Preserve to help tell their story.



Image (c) iRide4Wildlife / Ashton Biological Preserve



These are the main threats that are endangering the Cheetah:

Predator farmer/human conflict and land encroachment with ever growing human populations is reducing the vast areas

Cheetahs need to survive in the wild.

The illegal pet trade is another added stressor that could cripple Cheetah numbers in Africa and the Middle East. Many of them either do not make it, the ones that do, in most cases, will never make it past 2 years, max.

Raising awareness about the latter is my main goal.  Supporting non profit organizations like the Cheetah Conservation Fund  (CCF) that takes care of the orphans confiscated from the illegal trade, as well as, rehabilitate and release rescued Cheetahs. 


Pangolin Conservation.jpg

PangolinConservation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization (under it’s parent organization, Zoological Conservation) whose is dedicated to promoting the conservation, education, and research of the world’s most fascinating mammals! Why is this important? Pangolins are declining at an alarming rate due to the illegal trade to supply Asian traditional medicine. The four Asian pangolin species have been reduced to critical numbers. With Asian species becoming increasing rare, smugglers are now turning towards Africa to supply demand. The four African species populations are believed to be decreasing due to the illegal trade and habitat destruction. If the illegal trade continues to expand in Africa, they’ll be in the same position as their Asian cousins. We’re working with African pangolins BEFORE their populations crash.

Pangolin Consortium



The Rhino war is a very complex one! 


King Pins use the money to fuel their illegal activities.  The poaching does not just affect Rhinos, it also affects the local communities.  Local communities need to be given an equal benefit from protecting the Rhinos. It is easy to only see the side of the animal that has been brutally killed. The local communities living with and around Rhinos never get any benefit from protecting this amazing creature, thus getting pulled into the poaching, most of the time not by choice.  This, a results of ever growing human populations in a country with an ever decreasing economy!

CHEHAW here in the US support both Cheetah and Rhino conservation efforts.


Images (c) Edi Arangies


Ugab Lioness and sister cub 24 Oct

The biggest threat endangering our Lions is predator farmer/human conflict.

Lions either get shot or poisoned. Poisoning does not just affect the Lions but also scavengers that then feed on the dead

lion’s carcass. This is a complicated issue that could be resolved if farmers, government agencies and conservation agencies learn to work together.


Understanding how important predators are to keep a balanced eco system. Land encroachment with ever growing human populations reducing the areas Lions need to remain in the wild.  Poaching still is rampant in many countries in Africa.

Check out the amazing work that  the Namibian Lion Trust is doing both Lions and Communal Farmers!

Images (c)  Ingridt Mandt


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So many harmless snakes get killed unnecessarily every year. 


We are currently working on images and footages in conjunction with the Ashton Biological Preserve in Archer FL.

These images will show how easy it is to confuse non venomous snakes for venomous.

Learn how to properly ID snakes and remember to always keep a safe distance. Just like us they just want to be left alone and avoid any unnecessary confrontation


Images & Design (c)  Edi Arangies

Milkweed and the Monarch Butterfly

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