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The Rewards of Fostering an Orphan

It is hard to explain how amazing it is to be able to sponsor an orphan. I am part of of this baby's life, part of giving an orphan who has gone through a traumatic experience another chance in life. To me it is worth every little penny that I can put aside.

I was born and raised in Namibia and relocated to the US 13 years ago to pursue a career in Equestrian Sports. I retired 5 years ago and ever since then I have directed my focus back to one of the biggest passions I left behind when I came to the US, our beautiful but now endangered wildlife.

Although the Cheetah has always been my first love since early childhood, I also care deeply about all our wildlife. Besides raising awareness for Cheetahs, Rhinos and Lions, I am also an "adoptive parent" to some very unfortunate orphans!

The Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia has done remarkable work to turn things around for the Cheetahs. During Dec 2015 Charlie and I were very fortunate to spend some time at CCF and their ambassadors and other Cheetahs that can't be released back into the wild.

I was finally able to meet SOLO, a beautiful lady who I named one of my race bikes after, in person. What an absolutely incredible feeling, no words can describe what I felt!! Through CCF's Cheetah Sponsorship initiative I was given an opportunity to become a part of Solo's life by sponsoring her for the year. What an incredible opportunity! I always lovingly refer to her as "my" Solo :)

The David Sheldrick Trust Fund in Kenya is another non profit organization that does absolutely incredible work. Please take the time to read through their diaries to get an understanding of everything they do and their orphans.

I now foster 3 orphans;

Solio, a beautiful but critically endangered Black Rhino female

Kithaka, a very cheeky naughty but precious Elephant male

Rescue of little Kithaka

Read Kithaka's story here

Kiko, an absolutely gorgeous Giraffe male

Kiko's Rescue

Read Kiko's story here

The US$ goes a long way in Africa. If you really are passionate about wildlife and would like to do something for them, give the gift of fostering/sponsoring an orphan. It is one of the most rewarding things you will ever do :)

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