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Solo, the Pirate Cat

This fundraiser is to help take care of a very special Cheetah who has been in CCF's care for a very long time. The Cheetah Conservation Fund gives orphaned and rescued Cheetahs a second chance at life. Under the watchful eye of Dr Laurie Marker these cats get the best care possible at a normal stress free life. The winter months in Namibia can be hard on an older Cheetah and to help with her care I have designed this T-shirt for Solo.

CLICK HERE to buy your T-shirt, only $18

I have loved Solo for quite some time and was finally able to seer in person during our visit in Dec 2015. I was able to get images of her.

Born and raised in Namibia, my first love has always been our Cheetahs. I now reside in the US and continue to raise awareness of the dangers Cheetahs face every day. The Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) in Namibia does an incredible work to ensure Cheetahs and rural farmers can live in harmony, together. CCF also cares for orphaned and rescued Cheetahs, one such Cheetah is Solo. Solo turned an incredible 18 years this past February.

She developed an ulcer on her right eye (the cause still unknown). Despite a variety of veterinary treatment and medicine her eye did not heal well and started to cause her significant pain. After long discussions, we decided to put her under anaesthetic and remove the eye. Surgery at this age is very risky but because of the pain she was in we could not let her suffer. She recovered incredibly fast and she looks more beautiful than ever now. The colder months in Namibia can be rough for an older Cheetah so her keepers are making sure she has an extra layer of warmth and a thick straw bed!

This fundraiser is to help with taking care of this incredible Cheetah, now known as the "Pirate-Cat"!

CLICK HERE to buy your T-shirt, only $18

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