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Venomous or Nonvenomous (1)

Sooo many nonvenomous snakes get killed every year because they are mistakenly identified for venomous snakes. Some people, because of their fear of snakes, figure the only good snake is a dead snake. So I will be posting some great videos from Brave Wilderness to help identify between nonvenomous and venomous.

The US does not have nearly the amount of venomous snakes we have in Southern Africa, but that does not mean any less snakes get killed.

We start off with the Broad Banded Water Snake versus the Water Moccasin or Cottonmouth.

Here is another very helpful video of the Lake Eerie Water Snake that gives a great example of how Water Snakes can puff up their head into a diamond shape which could also cause it to be identified incorrectly.

Most people get bit by snakes because they are either trying to catch it or kill it. If you see a snake, appreciate it from a far and just leave it be. If you need help with identifying a snake, get a picture if you can without causing any harm to yourself or the snake and we will help identify it for you.

Here is another great resource from the GA Department of Natural Resources to help ID snakes here in GA.

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