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Saving the Survivors

In 2012 Project SAVE THE SURVIVORS was specifically started to care and look after Rhino that has fallen victim to poaching or traumatic incident.

This includes Rhinos that have been wounded, Rhinos were the horn was hacked off, and vitims of snaring. Rhino survivors are estimated at between 80—120 animals per year that will benefit from this project.

While a few of these animals are brought in to our hospital, most are being treated in the bush in their normal environment as transporting these injured animals are just not possible or feasible. The areas we frequently visit are Mpumalanga, Limpopo and the Northern Cape.

Thandi's calf: the rhino that should never have been born

Thandi (below) was the first girl found with a massive wound after her horn was hacked off. The sedative eventually wears off and they are then left to die a slow death while bleeding out. Saving the Survivors got to her just in time. WARNING, graphic contents. I don't enjoy showing that side of this beautiful story, but it is the harsh reality our Rhinos face every day!

Where the is LIFE, there is HOPE

The video below is by Tracks Multimedia and was put together showing Hope's first procedure.

This beautiful girl has gone from strength to strength and has come a long way.

If you want to support this amazing Team and the efforts they do, not just for our Rhinos but other wildlife as well, CLICK HERE!

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