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The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

We have listed all the Non Profit organizations that we support and teamed up with.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) is an incredible organization that truly embraces not just the Kenyan Wildlife, but also Kenya's people.

DSWT embraces all measures that compliment the conservation, preservation and protection of wildlife. These include anti-poaching, safe guarding the natural environment, enhancing community awareness, addressing animal welfare issues, providing veterinary assistance to animals in need, rescuing and hand rearing elephant and rhino orphans, along with other species that can ultimately enjoy a quality of life in wild terms when grown.

At the heart of the DSWT’s conservation activities is the Orphans’ Project, which has achieved world-wide acclaim through its hugely successful elephant and rhino rescue and rehabilitation program.

The Orphans’ Project exists to offer hope for the future of Kenya’s threatened elephant and rhino populations as they struggle against the threat of poaching for their ivory and horn, and the loss of habitat due to human population pressures and conflict, deforestation and drought. The DSWT Fostering Program is incredible, rescuing and saving orphans I would say is one of their specialties. The minimum fostering fee is ONLY $50 USD PER YEAR! A currency like the US$ goes a long way in Africa!

Below is SOLIO, a beautiful Black Rhino girl that we are fostering. We get regular updates about her whereabouts which makes you feel a part of her recovery, life and return to the wild.

The very word SOLIO is indicative of saving the Black Rhino as a species here in Kenya, for when Black Rhinos had all but disappeared from their natural native ranges, including Tsavo National Park (once the home of 8,000), it was on 17,500 acre Solio Ranch under tight security that the species managed to proliferate from a mere handful introduced 40 years ago to some 90 individuals.

Then there is KITHAKA. "He has been named Kithaka the Meru word for forest. He is a real character, larger than life and full of attitude and, of course, is absolutely adored by the older orphans in the Nursery."

DSWT is a very special place, and their FOSTERING PROGRAM is rather special. Please support DSWT by Fsotering an Orphan today. For only US$50 you can save a life and help them grow to become and adult and return to the wild, where they belong <3

(C) All Images by DSWT


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