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Starting a new Chapter in Atlanta

This past Saturday, April 30th we had two special events to introduce the incredible work Dr Laurie Marker, founder of the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF), has been, and still is doing in Namibia.

The objective is to raise awareness for the plight of the Cheetahs, to educate about the dangers that face our Cheetahs in the parts they are still remaining in the wild. Raising funding to help with the critical research involved with the work to establish genetic variety for this endangered species is crucial as well, the work must continue!

The private luncheon was held at the studios of Friendly Human in Atlanta GA. Several new faces attended and we all socialized and introduced our involvement and passion for the Cheetahs and CCF. Other non profits such as One More Generation and The Explorer's Club attended as well.

I Ride 4 Cheetahs opened up by sharing the passion and love for Cheetahs and introduced Dr Marker to those who had not met her in person. I was truly honored through this though I was not quite prepared, lol! I can get very emotional when talking about something that I am so passionate about. I even forgot to talk about I Ride 4 Cheetahs, eish!! Next time I will be better prepared :)

Friendly Human's Daniel Roberts spoiled us all with a great lunch with a bit of a flair from South Africa with his mielie pap (grits) and biltong (a little similar to jerkey) as well.

Dr Marker moved on to the Conservation Action Resource Center (ARC), Zoo Atlanta for the evening's dinner and lecture hosted by The Explorer's Club Atlanta Chapter.

During dinner Steve Pigott from The Explorer's Club shared what The Explorer's Club was all about.

Zoo Atlanta also treated us to Animal Encounters which was very interesting and informative.

The Cheetah Conservation Fund had several curios for sale, including the book A Future for Cheetahs by Dr Laurie Marker and Suzi Eszterhas. Dr Marker was at the table signing several books that were sold.

Once dinner was over we headed over to the lecture hall where Explorer's Club's Steve Pigott introduced Dr Marker to the audience.


Dr Laurie Marker shared about the Cheetah and how saving the Cheetah interlinks with many other aspects of the eco system and our local communities. The Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) is very involved with local communities and is very passionate about teaching farmers the importance of correct farm management and how it benefits everyone, including the Cheetah.

Through incentives such as the Anatolian Guard Dogs and the Bushblock CCF has not just enabled local farmers to better their farming practices and keeping their livestock safe, it is also providing job opportunities through teaching the importance of utilizing the land correctly with major results that could provide local villages with eco friendly power.

Establishing the Atlanta Chapter for CCF is an incredible honor. Goals are to raise awareness and educate as many in Georgia and neighboring states about the Cheetah and the crucial work and importance of CCF's roll in Namibia, as well as, around the world.

We will be working on several fund raisers and we are really excited about the Explorer's Club's support.

And so "Duma" will continue to hit the roads and raise awareness for what makes my heart beat every day, our Cheetahs!

I have two motorcycles that I use for raising awareness for our Endangered Wildlife. Pictured above is my beautiful 2001 SV650 called "Duma" (Cheetah in Swahili) that I use on the road traveling across the US.

Pictured below is my 2001 Suzuki RM125, a 2-Stroke motocrosser modified for racing on asphalt. I named her "Solo" after the beautiful Cheetah girl at CCF that we are sponsoring. Solo has a bit of age on her and at 16 years of age she still loves to run. I myself, not the youngest, still love to ride powerful fast 2-Strokes like the RM125.



Thanks go to the following for making this Saturday possible:

Everyone that attended

Carter Ries (OMG), iRide4Cheetahs, Dr Laurie Marker

"My" beautiful Solo. Sponsoring a Cheetah and becoming a part of their life will change yours forever!

Our beautiful Solo

Another great shot with Dr Laurie Marker and Carter Ries from One More Generation OMG

Image by Jim Ries, One More Generation

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